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Precompiled for Windows

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Softpedia Download

Version   Date MD5 checksum PGP signature
v2.7.2 NEW! 2019-05-26 fa9e8336c52ca760a2a02dd410a23021 sig
v2.7.1 2019-04-26 4143c354233bdd07c67676a92226e5f5 sig
v2.7.0 2019-04-20 0714e6d2caf0f3ec923d2066a3f81bfb sig
v2.6 2019-03-21 6e9fdc4c29ee08ee7f81e85cf3c2fd0d sig
v2.5 2018-12-21 12ad2c87bd48fae6ea5592bc301b7afd sig
v2.4 2018-11-11 63c51f7f88dd02ccfb7c4d955b9b48b5 sig
v2.3 2018-10-24 7d5a5b4ee88d7cb9200f2ccbfb44e0ad sig
v2.2 2018-09-30 35f1c2097f07f1ec4f0df15d92f1afae sig
v2.1 2018-05-21 2c667a63336d63aabdc9be4a2f75f763 sig
v2.0 2018-02-24 1e30f1baae935a401a7b16fc41ac2bec sig
v1.9 2017-11-12 53a790ea5ad464da6fb396c80a27b999 sig
v1.8 2017-10-27 6f08f619612b1439c63e8ef2d802699b sig
v1.7 2017-08-12 9249389dfac89fbd50eed2b3456b87f4 sig

Debian x64 package

Import current Swirc release signing key:

# wget -O - https://www.nifty-networks.net/swirc/mu190523.asc | apt-key add -

Access metadata and packages over https:

# apt-get install apt-transport-https

Install Swirc source list for APT:

# wget -O - https://www.nifty-networks.net/swirc/swirc.list > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/swirc.list

Finally update and install:

# apt-get update
# apt-get install swirc

Source code

(Unpack with: tar xfz <tarball>.)

Coverity Scan Build Status

Version   Date MD5 checksum PGP signature
v2.7.2 2019-05-26 bd5c2a0a398d69ee567b491078f182d1 sig
v2.7.1 2019-04-26 bced7dbc05f9fbcd91972db474fc3200 sig
v2.7.0 2019-04-20 d8a2f094afed8993e085c445086ab702 sig
v2.6 2019-03-21 0cf123f223072d0434914fe9fd9d2bc9 sig
v2.5 2018-12-21 05f58dad19b53f5ecc8e5125ee97f6c9 sig
v2.4 2018-11-11 b9b8796c4542ab62787bea19e1459505 sig
v2.3 2018-10-24 9fb6f936bdd84f49ed526d79a20aaf55 sig
v2.2 2018-09-30 24c22bc5ff95571295b3af3ca8e111bd sig
v2.1 2018-05-21 42fb13abd36d98880c454947532630ba sig
v2.0 2018-02-24 e0227e3415b9e91841d3bb63e57d08a9 sig
v1.9 2017-11-12 0f7eea4447942d9123dde96c8f3e1ba1 sig
v1.8 2017-10-27 ddaa0334fdc8520639553189f057fee9 sig
v1.7 2017-08-12 fad82fd95aa1e8513e2070e7f931c7ac sig

Release signing


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