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Program Releases

This page is the ONLY reliable source of getting Swirc.
(The sources on this page are from the original author.)

Debian x64 package

Import current Swirc release signing key:

# wget -O - https://www.nifty-networks.net/swirc/mu190523.asc | apt-key add -

Access metadata and packages over https:

# apt-get install apt-transport-https

Install Swirc source list for APT:

# wget -O - https://www.nifty-networks.net/swirc/swirc.list > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/swirc.list

Finally update and install:

# apt-get update
# apt-get install swirc


Browse the archive of Swirc releases for OpenBSD to see if it's available for your architecture.
I currently don't have the resources to build it for all architectures.

# pkg_add -v -D unsigned https://www.nifty-networks.net/swirc/releases/OpenBSD/6.5/amd64/swirc

Source code

(Unpack with: tar xfz <tarball>.)

Coverity Scan Build Status

Version   Date MD5 checksum PGP signature
v3.1.1 NEW! 2019-12-22 08df5ba8803c64e3db29230f44f0a861 sig
v3.1.0 2019-12-06 55ff2b135c4929dca623f1675e655ee6 sig
v3.0.0 2019-10-31 1c55d3a3e4be312901264fad0472156f sig
v2.9.0 2019-09-10 a0f6d7b39f64e0bb489ef47671df1b75 sig
v2.8.0 2019-07-16 4d4a02aa0b974b5f52130402bd63ffff sig
v2.7.2 2019-05-26 bd5c2a0a398d69ee567b491078f182d1 sig
v2.7.1 2019-04-26 bced7dbc05f9fbcd91972db474fc3200 sig
v2.7.0 2019-04-20 d8a2f094afed8993e085c445086ab702 sig
v2.6 2019-03-21 0cf123f223072d0434914fe9fd9d2bc9 sig
v2.5 2018-12-21 05f58dad19b53f5ecc8e5125ee97f6c9 sig

Release signing

Precompiled for Windows

100% CLEAN

Softpedia Download

Version   Date MD5 checksum PGP signature
v3.1.1 2019-12-22 b3f703055c1c45810a00f6ad0035fc4b sig
v3.0.0 2019-10-31 5aeea2339128113a5f814184ceb3597a sig
v2.9.0 2019-09-10 7997a603894f45ceaccaf56169c98f59 sig
v2.8.0 2019-07-16 9b9cb0e231e673248398cf80e93044ba sig
v2.7.2 2019-05-26 fa9e8336c52ca760a2a02dd410a23021 sig
v2.7.1 2019-04-26 4143c354233bdd07c67676a92226e5f5 sig
v2.7.0 2019-04-20 0714e6d2caf0f3ec923d2066a3f81bfb sig
v2.6 2019-03-21 6e9fdc4c29ee08ee7f81e85cf3c2fd0d sig
v2.5 2018-12-21 12ad2c87bd48fae6ea5592bc301b7afd sig


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