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Updated: 2023-02-18

Configuration options in swirc.conf

NOTE Certain settings take effect first after program restart while others don't!

account_notify (bool)
Allows a client to be notified when another client’s accountname changes
alt_nick (string)
Alternative nickname. This nickname is used when processing a connection to a server and the default nickname is busy.
auto_op_yourself (bool)
Automatically op yourself on channel join when you're identified as an IRC operator
away_notify (bool)
Allows a client to specify that it would like to be notified when users are marked/unmarked as away
beeps (bool)
swirc alerts the user by sending a beep in certain cases. However, with the help of this setting, beeps can be turned on/off.
chanserv_host (string)
ChanServ hostname
cipher_suite (string)
Cipher suite. Which can have one of the following values:
  • secure
  • compat
  • legacy
  • all
cmd_hist_size (int)
Command history size. No more than this number of commands will be stored in the memory.
cmd_type_prot (bool)
Command type protection. Detects up to 5 leading spaces followed by a command character preventing a command to be accidentally transmitted as a chat message.
connection_timeout (int)
Connection timeout in seconds
ctcp_reply (bool)
Reply to CTCP requests? (For example TIME and VERSION.)
hostname_checking (bool)
Enable or disable TLS/SSL hostname verification
iconv_conversion (bool)
Perform character conversion using GNU libiconv? If having this option set to 'on' causes troubles or if you don't need it, it can safely be switched off. Switching it off boosts the performance of the printtext module significantly.
identd (bool)
Use the built-in ident protocol daemon/server? It's automatically started and stopped during the connection process if this option is enabled. During the connection process to an IRC server the IRC server often attempts to send an ident query to port 113 on your computer. You might have seen something like:
	*** Processing connection to irc.server.com
	*** Looking up your hostname...
	*** Checking Ident
	*** No Ident response <---
	*** Found your hostname
(This requires port 113 to be open, i.e. not behind a firewall.)
identd_fakenames (bool)
Respond to ident queries with fake (randomized) names?
identd_port (int)
Which port shall the ident server listen on? In general, on Unix only root can listen on ports below 1024. Since you neither CAN or SHOULD run Swirc as root you should specify a different port using this setting and configure your firewall to redirect connections to port 113 to this one.
If you're using OpenBSD and pf(4), pose that you want use port 6500 and that the name of the target interface is vio0. You could then add the following lines to your pf.conf(5):
	pass in on vio0 inet  proto tcp from any to any port auth \
	    rdr-to port 6500
	pass in on vio0 inet6 proto tcp from any to any port auth \
	    rdr-to ::1 port 6500
invite_notify (bool)
Allows a client to specify that it would like to be notified when users are invited to channels
ircv3_server_time (bool)
Enable or disable IRCv3 server time extension. The server time extension is particularly useful if you're using an IRC bouncer like ZNC.
joins_parts_quits (bool)
Show JOIN/PART/QUIT events?
kick_close_window (bool)
If the active user gets kicked out from a channel, should the channel window be terminated?
max_chat_windows (int)
Max chat windows that can be open simultaneously
mouse (bool)
Use the mouse?
mouse_events (string)
Which mouse events shall be reported?
  • all
  • wheel (default)
nickname (string)
Online nickname
nickname_aliases (string)
A space separated list of nickname aliases which are used, in addition to the default nickname, to highlight a message if it matches any of the aliases given by this setting.
nickserv_host (string)
NickServ hostname
part_message (string)
Message when leaving a channel
qbot_host (string)
Q bot hostname. The Q bot is a QuakeNet service.
quit_message (string)
Message when disconnecting from a server
real_name (string)
Specifies the real name.
But can be set to anything.
reconnect_backoff_delay (int)
The number of seconds that should be added to each reconnect attempt (0-99)
reconnect_delay (int)
Seconds to consume before the first reconnect attempt (0-999)
reconnect_delay_max (int)
Maximum reconnect delay in seconds (0-999). Regardless of the other related reconnect settings.
reconnect_retries (int)
If the IRC connection is lost, how many attempts should be performed to get the connection working again before giving up?
sasl (bool)
Request SASL authentication on connection to a server?
sasl_mechanism (string)
SASL mechanism. Available mechanisms are:
  • SCRAM-SHA-256
Be sure to write them in all uppercase!
sasl_password (string)
SASL password. (For mechanism PLAIN and SCRAM-SHA-256.)
It is recommended to set this setting using the interactive sasl command. However, if the initial character is a question mark (‘?’) it symbolizes that the password is in plain text/unencrypted; while a hash mark (‘#’) symbolizes that the password is encrypted. The initial character must be either of them and is not interpreted as a part of the password.
sasl_username (string)
SASL username
sasl_x509 (string)
Filename for your certificate chain file. The file shall be located in Swirc's home dir and be in PEM format.
The certificate chain file is used for automatic NickServ authentication using the external SASL auth mechanism.
  • 1-root-ca.sh (Create the root CA)
  • 4-client-cert.sh (Create the client certificate and sign it with the root CA)
After running the scripts stated above in given order you can set this setting to client.pem.
server_cipher_suite (string)
Server cipher suite. Which can have one of the following values:
  • secure
  • compat
  • legacy
  • all
The server cipher suite is used when you start a TLS server in swirc used for remote GUI connections.
show_ping_pong (bool)
Show ping pong events?
The default is NO.
skip_motd (bool)
Skip message of the day (MOTD) on connection to a server?
socks (bool)
Use the SOCKS proxy client? The SOCKS proxy client is particularly suited for use with Tor. Examples of IRC networks that are accessible via Tor are Libera Chat and OFTC. In order to access Libera Chat or OFTC using the previously mentioned technique you can add the following lines to your torrc(5):
# Libera Chat
MapAddress palladium.libera.chat libera75jm6of4wxpxt4aynol3xjmbtxgfyjpu34ss4d7r7q2v5zrpyd.onion

MapAddress irc.oftc.net oftcnet6xg6roj6d7id4y4cu6dchysacqj2ldgea73qzdagufflqxrid.onion
After this has been done (and after restarting Tor) you should be able to connect to one of the mapped addresses inside Swirc. The socks host setting should point to the machine where the Tor service is running.
socks_atyp (int)
SOCKS address type. Which can have one of the following values:
  • (0) FQDN. (The default.)
  • (1) IPv4 address
  • (2) IPv6 address
socks_host (string)
SOCKS hostname.
socks_port (string)
SOCKS port. The default is 9050 which is used by Tor.
spell (bool)
Use spelling?
spell_lang (string)
Spelling language. The default is en_US.
spell_syswide (bool)
Where shall Swirc look for spelling dictionaries? (System wide or in the program settings dir.)
ssl_verify_peer (bool)
Verify peer? Setting it to NO decreases TLS/SSL security significantly, but is a must on servers with trusted self signed certificates.
startup_greeting (bool)
Enable or disable Swirc startup greeting
textbuffer_size_absolute (int)
Max number of elements in a text buffer before head gets removed from scroll back history. Each open window is assigned a buffer with this size, so set a sane value!
theme (string)
swirc theme.
username (string)
User identity. Preferably to be set to the same as the nickname.


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