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Version   Date MD5 checksum PGP signature
v3.4.7 2024-03-12 67c08fd3c62d8bce7a073bb0be5d26a6 sig
v3.4.6 2023-11-05 139b0395820f6b2b930a39d1f3ba9223 sig
v3.4.5 2023-09-14 155d456ec48defdfb674ed85f3571789 sig
v3.4.4 2023-07-29 1dfe7ce17a4e816d3ff6dd3689db99d5 sig
v3.4.3 2023-03-10 8a9c2d23aec0d45baa7ce915519ef7d1 sig
v3.4.2 2023-02-22 8d14f8b1dcdb921da007b7845419f9b9 sig

Release signing

Versions >= 3.4.7 can be verified with this public key.

Versions <= 3.4.6 can be verified with this public key.


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