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Version   Date MD5 checksum PGP signature
v3.3.8 NEW! 2022-11-27 71b0b4441ebb0eee6a9f174e27add0aa sig
v3.3.7.1 2022-10-22 d321fed6a70226511520d2393c9ea536 sig
v3.3.7 2022-10-22 49043c3458c7895100866956b744e008 sig
v3.3.6 2022-10-05 520ae1978139f6e195d31841b04e7e2c sig
v3.3.5 2022-07-28 536c8cdec602e4b81e2ef278b574dff4 sig
v3.3.4 2022-05-04 335e2def59e65aa6c8ab8c40714a25ff sig
v3.3.3 2021-11-27 faecec9371c5d6285a62bc7f1a7fce72 sig

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