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Precompiled for Windows

NOTE Starting from Swirc version 3.3.2 UTF-8 is forced.
This means you should enable the option Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support.
In order to do so under Windows 10:

  1. Language preferences
  2. Administrative language settings
  3. Change system locale
  4. Check the option and click OK

100% CLEAN

Softpedia Download

Version   Date MD5 checksum PGP signature
v3.3.8 2022-11-27 82fc03b0b1ee9343558e5edb8fe0d59b sig
v3.3.7 2022-10-22 2bd94da8458ec2d1bb77eb0873671df6 sig
v3.3.6 2022-10-06 e64b7fd6e6ec970a6bd42ae49c0c3498 sig
v3.3.5 2022-07-28 29e57f18152ec8d30939ff409e083f0c sig
v3.3.4 2022-05-04 ae2408d30ff1d42f67885f62bba23329 sig
v3.3.3 2021-11-27 04e7a9372852699dd41bfbf3d3a9c2b6 sig

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