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Updated: 2023-02-18

Program options

usage: swirc [-46?CPRdipv] [-c server[:port]] [-j join] [-n nickname] [-r rl name] [-u username] [-x config]

-4 Use IPv4 addresses only
-6 Use IPv6 addresses only
-? Output help
-C Do not change color definitions. If the terminal used to run swirc supports >= 256 colors and can_change_color(3) is true swirc uses init_color(3) to initialize the extended IRC color palette. Which may or may not already be set correctly by the terminal. This option is useful in case the terminal look strange after exit, which is possible to fix by simply restarting it.
-P Permanently disable SASL authentication. If specified, the effect is final (i.e. it overrides any config file value.)
-R Disable TLS/SSL peer verification
-c <server[:port]> Connect to given server. If the port is omitted port 6667 will be chosen. And if the port is 7326 ICB mode is turned on automatically. Further, if the port is 6697 swirc attempts to initiate a TLS/SSL connection.
-d Debug logging
-i Turn on Internet Citizen's Band mode
-j <join> A comma-separated list of channels to join
-n <nickname> Online nickname
-p Server password (for private servers). However: InspIRCd has a module called password forward, which means that if a server password is specified by this flag, it will be used to identify to NickServ. If so: connect with a TLS/SSL connection, i.e. an encrypted connection, to prevent your password from being disclosed in clear text. swirc also supports IRCv3 SASL authentication which is probably a better alternative.
-r <rl name> Your real name
-u <username> Your username
-v Output swirc version
-x <config> Config file


CTRL+aMove to beginning of line
CTRL+eMove to end of line
CTRL+bMove cursor backward
CTRL+fMove cursor forward
CTRL+gClear readline input
CTRL+nNext window
CTRL+pPrevious window
PG UPScroll up
PG DOWNScroll down
Up arrowHistory previous
Down arrowHistory next
F2Spell word
F3Scroll nicklist up
F4Scroll nicklist down
F11Close window
F12Close all private conversations

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